Reiki for Pets

You know how much your fur friends enjoy your touch, your caress, or the cuddles you share.
What if I told you that your touch can offer much more to them? You could give them relaxation, balance and overall well-being on all levels.

Those of you who practice Reiki or any other healing modality know what I’m talking about. Your pets almost demand their session from you.  
However, if you haven’t been attuned to Reiki energy (yet!), I’m here to offer this most pleasant and healing session to your friend!
From a distance. From my place, to your place. Energy knows no limits of time and space!
A Reiki session, offers your pets deep relaxation, peace, invigoration, stress release, rejuvenation, detoxification, renewal,  well-being, serenity, balance, relief, it removes blocks from their energy field and ultimately promotes the balance and health on all levels. 
The session lasts for 15′ and it is not necessary to set a specific time for that. If, however, you know that there is a time during the day that your pet uses to relax or sleep, during which we can schedule the session, please let me know and I will take it into account (provided our time zones permit that). 

Multiple sessions in a short period of time
Those who receive Reiki regularly, as well as Reiki practitioners know very well that when you complete a number of sessions within a short period of time, e.g. one or two weeks, the results are even more impressive! The same happens with your pets.
A series of 3-4 consecutive sessions within 7 to 10 days, if not daily, is ideal. For a specific or more serious issue, a complete program of 21 sessions is suggested, to be followed daily or at least 3-5 sessions every week.


• 1 x 15′ Reiki Session for Pets 
• 3 x 15′ Reiki Sessions for Pets 
• 7 x 15′ Reiki Sessions for Pets