Karuna Reiki®

Karuna is a Sanskrit word for compassionate action. Karuna Reiki® was developed by William Lee Rand and a group of other Reiki Masters through Usui and Tibetan Reiki. 

The following areas are indicative applications of Karuna Reiki® that is helping to address/deal with/treat/cleanse/develop :
❥ Physical pain, especially one connected to emotional issues
❥ Imbalance on a cellular level (due to experiences kept in the memory of our cells)
❥ Pending issues from past lives
❥ Trauma from child abuse
❥ Karmic lessons
❥ Unconscious patterns 
❥ The Shadow self
❥ Trauma from sexual/physical abuse
❥ Psychic/psychological attack
❥ Dense energy blocks 
❥ Imbalance in relationships (e.g. dependent relationship)
❥ Healthy habits
❥ Bad habits/addictions
❥ Compassionate action
❥ Imbalance/blocks of lower chakras
❥ Brain fog
❥ Negative energy
❥ Bridge between lower and higher chakras
❥ Determination and focus
❥ Creativity and manifestation
❥ Learning ability
❥ Improvement of communication
❥ Reclaiming of one’s own power
❥ Awareness of one’s own reality
❥ Action on one’s own plans
❥ Planetary healing
❥ Insomnia
❥ Releasing past experiences
❥ Releasing fear and pain
❥ Increasing intuition
❥ Creating priorities
❥ Healing human tribe

An in-person Karuna Reiki® session lasts for 45′-60′. It is a most relaxing and revitalizing experience.
The person who receives Karuna Reiki®:
❥ is wearing comfortable clothes,
❥ is taking off his/her shoes and any metal objects (belt, jewelry, watch, money, mobile),
❥ lies on the Reiki bed.
The Karuna Reiki® practitioner:
❥ gently places his/her hands (or keeps them in a short distance, on the aura), on specific points of the body, on the energy centers or chakras, and channels healing vital energy,
❥ in this way, covers the whole body of the recipient, or partially, as guided,
❥ moves slowly and meditatively and follows the flow and wisdom of the Reiki energy.

What is a distance Karuna Reiki® session?
A Karuna Reiki® session can also be done from a distance, with equally amazing results, with the recipient and the Karuna Reiki® practitioner, each in their own place. Energy knows no limits of time and space! The session lasts for about 30′. 
In your own sacred space, you can relax deeply during the session, while lying down, or meditating, or simply staying open and receptive. For a more relaxing experience that is closer to the session in-person, you can light candles, incense, play relaxing music or sounds of nature.

A Karuna Reiki® session, either in-person, or from a distance, is a purely experiential process and each person experiences it in his/her own, unique way, depending on what he/she needs at that particular time. That’s why a Karuna Reiki® session is never the same, even if the practitioner and the recipient are the same! The energy has its own wisdom and is actually not driven by the practitioner, but rather attracted by the body of the recipient. 

Multiple sessions in a short period of time
Those who receive Reiki regularly, as well as Reiki practitioners know very well that when you complete a number of sessions within a short period of time, e.g. one or two weeks, the results are even more impressive!
A series of 3-4 consecutive sessions within 7 to 10 days, if not daily, is ideal. For a specific or more serious issue, a complete program of 21 sessions is suggested, to be followed daily or at least 3-5 sessions every week.

❥ Take a shower or a bath
❥ Wear comfortable clothes that do not block your circulation and soft cotton (athletic) socks
❥ Remove all metal objects (jewelry, belts, watches, money, cell phone etc.) and your shoes
❥ Light some candles, scented sticks, or incense, smudge or spray your aura with an energy spray, play some relaxing music and lie down or sit with your spine straight, WITHOUT crossing your hands or feet (this is important to keep throughout the whole session).
❥ Make sure that you will not be disturbed!

❥ Drink plenty of water, fresh juice or herbal tea and eat something light (e.g. fruits, dried nuts, salad)
❥ Take a shower, or at least wash your hands and face
❥ Take a walk in nature, hug a tree, walk barefoot, do anything that will help you ground the energy, but don’t overdo it!
❥ Rest and try to take it easy for the rest of the day

• 1 x 30′ Karuna Reiki® Session 
• 4 x 30′ Karuna Reiki® Sessions 
• 8 x 30′ Distance Karuna Reiki® Sessions