Higher Self Reiki | Karma Reiki | DNA Reiki | Golden Heart Reiki Sessions

Four systems of Reiki that can be combined together for a multidimensional healing, since they complement and reinforce one another, or act independently for an in-depth individual healing.
A modern system of my Teacher Geom!* Georgios Mylonas.

Higher Self Reiki
Our Higher Self is our Inner Voice, the most wise part of our self, the higher source of love and will. He/She keeps the records of our previous lives, the meaning and the lessons of each life, as well as the directions for the future.
With the Higher Self Reiki the higher cosmic chakras of illumination and unity, above our seventh chakra, open and become illuminated and higher energies of love and healing descend. The central column of light is cleansed, empowered and expanded. Our seventh chakra -the bridge towards the sacred energies of the spiritual love and the cosmic wisdom- blossoms. Our consciousness evolves, our perception is sharpened and our brain is awakened. You have finally attuned to your Higher Self. Multiple benefits on all levels will follow!
It is an uplifting, but equally grounding experience.
It is suggested for 3-4 days in a row.

Karma Reiki
Karma Reiki helps us locate and cleanse our karmic faults, our wrong choices of the past that negatively influence our present and future. By healing our distant past and our deepest painful memories, our subconscious and our previous lives, we heal ourselves in the present and thus, all of our future possibilities and potentials.

DNA Reiki
With Reiki we can send pure vital energy to our genetic code, our DNA, in order to uplift it spiritually and “wash away” any negativity, any limitation, even possible diseases, by encoding qualities of light at that primary level. We can also send Reiki to our cells, and in this way, heal ourselves on a very deep level, since every cell of our body has its own memory and energy.
This particular session cleanses on a very deep level and illuminates our cells and our DNA on all dimensions.
There is no need to repeat it, however, you may do so after some time.

Golden Heart Reiki
It is the quintessence of Reiki, its deepest core. It is a higher realm of vital energy, enriched with spiritual light, direction and power. It is the energy that attunes our heart, our inner being with the Divine. Golden Heart Reiki supports all the natural processes of healing and self-healing, strengthens the spiritual understanding and encourages all paths of evolution, expansion and illumination with an abundance of pure healing energy and spiritual peace.
It is suggested for at least 7 days in a row.

(From the book of the corresponding seminar by Geom!* Georgios Mylonas)

An in-person session lasts between 15′-45′ according to its type. It is a most relaxing and revitalizing experience that brings uplift, illumination, cleansing, union with the spiritual element inside and grounding of these energies.
The person who receives the session:
❥ is wearing comfortable clothes,
❥ is taking off his/her shoes and any metal objects (belt, jewelry, watch, money, mobile),
❥ lies on the Reiki bed.
The Higher Self Reiki | Karma Reiki | DNA Reiki | Golden Heart Reiki practitioner:
❥ gently places his/her hands (or keeps them in a short distance, on the aura), on specific points of the body, on the energy centers or chakras, and channels healing vital energy,
❥ in this way, covers the whole body of the recipient, or partially, as guided,
❥ moves slowly and meditatively and follows the flow and wisdom of the Reiki energy.

A session can offer deep relaxation, peace, invigoration, stress release, rejuvenation, detoxification, revitalization (as if one has just waken up from deep, nice sleep -some people actually do sleep during the session), well-being, serenity, balance, relief, clarity, optimism, it removes blocks from your energy field and ultimately promotes the balance and health on all levels, enhances the sense of protection and security and sets the base for spiritual growth and any positive change.

What is a distance session?
A session can also be done from a distance, with equally amazing results, with the recipient and the Higher Self Reiki | Karma Reiki | DNA Reiki | Golden Heart Reiki practitioner, each in their own place. Energy knows no limits of time and space! The session lasts for 15′-45′, depending on the type. 
In your own sacred space, you can relax deeply during the session, while lying down, or meditating, or simply staying open and receptive. For a more relaxing experience that is closer to the session in-person, you can light candles, incense, play relaxing music or sounds of nature.

A Higher Self Reiki | Karma Reiki | DNA Reiki | Golden Heart Reiki session, either in-person, or from a distance, is a purely experiential process and each person experiences it in his/her own, unique way, depending on what he/she needs at that particular time. That’s why two sessions are never the same, even if the practitioner and the recipient are the same! The energy has its own wisdom and is actually not driven by the practitioner, but rather attracted by the body of the recipient. 

Multiple sessions in a short period of time
Those who receive Reiki regularly, as well as Reiki practitioners know very well that when you complete a number of sessions within a short period of time, e.g. one or two weeks, the results are even more impressive!
A series of 3-4 consecutive sessions within 7 to 10 days, if not daily, is ideal. For a specific or more serious issue, a complete program of 21 sessions is suggested, to be followed daily or at least 3-5 sessions every week.

❥ Take a shower or a bath
❥ Wear comfortable clothes that do not block your circulation and soft cotton (athletic) socks
❥ Remove all metal objects (jewelry, belts, watches, money, cell phone etc.) and your shoes
❥ Light some candles, scented sticks, or incense, smudge or spray your aura with an energy spray, play some relaxing music and lie down or sit with your spine straight, WITHOUT crossing your hands or feet (this is important to keep throughout the whole session).
❥ Make sure that you will not be disturbed!

❥ Drink plenty of water, fresh juice or herbal tea and eat something light (e.g. fruits, dried nuts, salad)
❥ Take a shower, or at least wash your hands and face
❥ Take a walk in nature, hug a tree, walk barefoot, do anything that will help you ground the energy, but don’t overdo it!
❥ Rest and try to take it easy for the rest of the day

• 1 x 30′ Higher Self Reiki Session 
• 4 x 30′ Higher Self Reiki Sessions 
• 1 x 30′ Karma Reiki Session 
• 3 x 30′ Karma Reiki Sessions 
• 1 x 45′ DNA Reiki Session 
• 1 x 15′ Golden Heart Reiki Session 
• 3 x 15′ Golden Heart Reiki Sessions 
• 7 x 15′ Golden Heart Reiki Sessions 
• Combination of 8 Distance Sessions that may include Higher Self Reiki | Karma Reiki | DNA Reiki | Golden Heart Reiki