Archangelic Healing with Symbols

A program of 6 sessions for a very powerful and complete healing with all the energy Symbols, the energy keys of each Archangel and not only them.
The first four days are dedicated to the Holly Archangels (one day each):
• Michael
• Gabriel
• Raphael
• Uriel
The fifth day is dedicated to the Higher Self and the Guardian Angel and the sixth to God, the Holy Logos and the Holy Spirit.

Symbols in Reiki are transcendental, energy keys that make healing on all levels more easy and focused.
To be more specific, the Archangelic Symbols make our connection with the energies of the 4 Archangels, our Guardian Angel, God, Logos and the Holy Spirit more direct, in order to achieve a powerful and complete healing. The results are immediate and last for many weeks, even months.
The work is multidimensional and multilevel, since the 4 Archangels of the 4 elements, as they are called, are connected with all our bodies: the physical, the etheric or energy, the emotional, and the mental and they help us manifest fundamental harmony, clarity, peace and everything good, beautiful and positive.

  • Archangel Michael: Is connected to our mental body. Cleanses and purifies the thoughts, brings balance to the mind. To the physical body he regulates the circulatory system and the blood. Utmost Protector.
  • Archangel Gabriel: Is connected to our emotional body. Brings inner calm while cleanses all the “lower” emotions. Leads the emotional body to love, relaxes, releases any fear, protects during sleep. To the physical body he regulates bodily fluids.
  • Archangel Raphael: Is connected to our etheric body. Creates and maintains the human energy body. His energy opens and cleanses our chakras and energy channels, purifies and strengthens our aura and enables the free flow of vital energy. Protector and guide of every Healer and every Healing.
  •  Archangel Uriel: Is connected to our physical body. Archangel of the matter and the earth. Manifests the work of the rest of the Archangels in the body and matter. Balances and harmonises the bodies and all their parts, the systems, the organs, the cells, the energy channels and the chakras that comprise the whole human form.

Our Higher Self is our true consciousness, our inner voice. The connection and attunement to our Higher Self leads to our exaltation. Our Guardian Angel accompanies us from our first incarnation on earth and evolves with us. When we acknowledge, realise and connect with our Guardian Angel we receive even more guidance and protection.

(From the seminar by Georgios Mylonas, Geom!* “The Holy Archangels”)

An Archangelic Healing with Symbols session can be performed either in person or from a distance, with equally amazing results, with the recipient and the facilitator, each in their own place.
Energy knows no limits of time and space!

An in-person session lasts for about 45′ (for the first 4 days) or 30′ (for the last 2). It is a deeply relaxing experience that uplifts our energy and purifies us.
The person who receives the session:
❥ is wearing comfortable clothes,
❥ is taking off his/her shoes and any metal objects (belt, jewelry, watch, money, mobile),
❥ lies on the Reiki bed.
The facilitator:
❥ gently places his/her hands (or keeps them in a short distance, on the aura), on specific points of the body, on the energy centers or chakras and channels healing vital energy,
❥ moves slowly and meditatively if needed and follows the flow and wisdom of the energy.

A distance session lasts for about 45′ (for the first 4 days) or 30′ (for the last 2).
In your own sacred space, you can relax deeply during the session, while lying down, or meditating, or simply staying open and receptive. For a more relaxing experience that is closer to the session in-person, you can light candles, incense, play relaxing music or sounds of nature.

❥ Take a shower or a bath
❥ Wear comfortable clothes that do not block your circulation and soft cotton (athletic) socks
❥ Remove all metal objects (jewelry, belts, watches, money, cell phone etc.) and your shoes
❥ Light some candles, scented sticks, or incense, smudge or spray your aura with an energy spray, play some relaxing music and lie down or sit with your spine straight, WITHOUT crossing your hands or feet (this is important to keep throughout the whole session).
❥ Make sure that you will not be disturbed!

❥ Drink plenty of water, fresh juice or herbal tea and eat something light (e.g. fruits, dried nuts, salad)
❥ Take a shower, or at least wash your hands and face
❥ Take a walk in nature, hug a tree, walk barefoot, do anything that will help you ground the energy, but don’t overdo it!
❥ Rest and try to take it easy for the rest of the day.

An Archangelic Healing with Symbols session, either in-person, or from a distance, is a purely experiential process and each person experiences it in his/her own, unique way, depending on what he/she needs at that particular time. That’s why an energy session is never the same, even if the facilitator and the recipient are the same! The energy has its own wisdom and is actually not driven by the facilitator, but rather attracted by the body of the recipient. 

• 1 program of 6 sessions