Akashic Records & Previous Lives

Akashic Records constitute a higher dimension, purely spiritual˙ all the information and all the knowledge of the World is recorded and accessible here. Anything that has ever been, anything that has ever happened. Our own history, our own lives are also recorded on this level. Our experience in matter, our experiences as unique, individual, evolving personalities.

The memories of our soul, our Records of the Soul are found here. That’s why Akashic Records are also called Records of the Soul, because they hold the memories, the history and the paths of the souls, of the divine spiritual beings that human beings are.
The connection, the process of drawing upon and comprehending the knowledge from the Akashic Records will further empower our being, in order for us to come closer to Who We Really Are.
This Self-Consciousness within the whole spectrum of time and space, the Self-Consciousness on all levels, offers not only the understanding of the self, but also multiple healing realisations. Strength and responsibility. True joy and deep serenity. Happiness, freedom and completeness which only the Knowledge of the Truth, the Knowledge of the Self, the Knowledge of the Spirit can bring.
The purpose of this session is to purify the shadows and the mistakes of the previous lives and to bring the light and the power, the knowledge and the talents from the past lives into the present.
When we shed light, when we heal and release our past, we illuminate, we heal and liberate our present and future and our infinite potential!
(Inspired by the book of the respective seminar by Geom!*, Georgios Mylonas)

A session on Akashic Records & Previous Lives can be performed either in person or from a distance, with equally amazing results, with the recipient and the facilitator, each in their own place.
Energy knows no limits of time and space!
The purpose is to energetically “cleanse” on all levels a specific incident or a past life which is related and directly affects our Now.
The person who receives the session may specify the area in which she/he feels blocked and ask that it is “cleansed”, or she/he can let the energy with its own Wisdom indicate and release what needs healing at that particular time.
It is a moving, essential and beautiful process that every person, deep in their heart, wishes to go through.

An in-person Akashic Records & Previous Lives session lasts for about 30′-45′.
The person who receives the session:
❥ is wearing comfortable clothes,
❥ is taking off his/her shoes and any metal objects (belt, jewelry, watch, money, mobile),
❥ lies on the Reiki bed.
The facilitator:
❥ gently places his/her hands (or keeps them in a short distance, on the aura), on specific points of the body, on the energy centers or chakras, or just on one place e.g. the shoulders and channels healing vital energy,
❥ moves slowly and meditatively if needed and follows the flow and wisdom of the energy.

A distance session lasts for about 30′-45′.
In your own sacred space, you can relax deeply during the session, while lying down, or meditating, or simply staying open and receptive. For a more relaxing experience that is closer to the session in-person, you can light candles, incense, play relaxing music or sounds of nature.
When this distance session is done through VIDEO CALL it is performed during a guided meditation.

A Shamballa Ascension Healing session, either in-person, or from a distance, is a purely experiential process and each person experiences it in his/her own, unique way, depending on what he/she needs at that particular time. That’s why an energy session is never the same, even if the facilitator and the recipient are the same! The energy has its own wisdom and is actually not driven by the facilitator, but rather attracted by the body of the recipient. 

❥ Take a shower or a bath
❥ Wear comfortable clothes that do not block your circulation and soft cotton (athletic) socks
❥ Remove all metal objects (jewelry, belts, watches, money, cell phone etc.) and your shoes
❥ Light some candles, scented sticks, or incense, smudge or spray your aura with an energy spray, play some relaxing music and lie down or sit with your spine straight, WITHOUT crossing your hands or feet (this is important to keep throughout the whole session).
❥ Make sure that you will not be disturbed!

❥ Drink plenty of water, fresh juice or herbal tea and eat something light (e.g. fruits, dried nuts, salad)
❥ Take a shower, or at least wash your hands and face
❥ Take a walk in nature, hug a tree, walk barefoot, do anything that will help you ground the energy, but don’t overdo it!
❥ Rest and try to take it easy for the rest of the day.

• 1 x 30′ Akashic Records Session
• 1 x 45′ Akashic Records Session with guided Meditation (when from a distance, session is done via Video Call)
• 3 x 30′ Akashic Records Sessions
• 3 x 45′ Akashic Records Sessions with guided Meditation (when from a distance, session is done via Video Call)