Usui Reiki is taught in three levels, or degrees.

During the 1st Reiki Level, (which is open to all), a Reiki teacher opens your channels and chakras and attunes you to the universal energy so that you become a pure channel of this energy and you are able to transmit it easily with your healing touch. The teacher also introduces you to the concept, the principles and the history of Reiki, teaches you the basic hand positions both for a self-healing and a Reiki session to someone else, and guides you to fully practice both. You also learn some basic methods of meditation and relaxation.

​During the 2nd Reiki Level, you receive more attunements to the universal energy so that the flow and levels of the energy are hightened. You are also introduced to the first three Reiki energy symbols and study their use.
You practice sending Reiki from a distance and its many applications: sending Reiki to someone who isn’t in front of us, sending Reiki to the past, the future, to situations in your life, to your goals, etc.

​The 3rd Reiki Level is divided into 3A, the Master Level and 3B, the Master Teacher Level.
During 3A you complete the initiation to the healing part of Reiki; you receive one more attunement, you learn and practice advanced energy techniques and you are introduced to the fourth energy symbol.
During 3B you are trained to become a Reiki teacher.