The Systems and Methods of Reiki Healing (all workshops and sessions in person or distant), along with Meditations and All Alternative Healing Methods and Practices mentioned in this site and/or on social media  
can not substitute 
Conventional Psychological and Medical Treatment and Diagnosis.
For any issue concerning health please consult the appropriate medical/psychiatric/psychological professional.
Reiki Practitioners and Reiki Teachers do not diagnose conditions and never guarantee any form of healing in any case.
They do not prescribe drugs and do not interfere with medical/psychological or pharmaceutical issues.
They can only support holistic relaxation and inner peace, which, in their turn, lead to deep inner harmony, clarity and strength. And these are the essential preconditions for supporting any issue or problem.
The words “healing”, “healer”, “treatment”, etc. are used with their broader and general meaning and not literally, as used
in conventional medicine and psychology. 
Finally, Reiki is not related to religion. It is a relaxation technique of touch-healing which respects all philosophical and religious paths. People from all paths, religions and of all beliefs successfully learn and give Reiki to themselves and to those around them.
Thank you!