Hello and WELCOME to my sacred place!
My name is Christiana Kanaki.
I’m a daughter, a mom, a wife, a sister and a friend. 

I do choose to see the positive side of things because I believe it’s far more powerful. I love to help others any way I can, through healing energy sessions, seminars, healing meditations, and many more to be added when the time is right. I meditate, I create, I read, I walk, I love, I am loved and I’m grateful!

Did I find Reiki or did Reiki find me… ?
We met back in summer 2008 and this literally changed my life! What excited me the most was that it would be a journey with no end…. Is there an end in Light, Love, Gratitude, Wisdom….?
I choose to share those gifts with all of You! After all, we’re All One!


❥ An amazing space from a fabulous Soul!! ~ Anna

❥ This lady is so special …she goes out of her way to help u.
I had distance multi dimensional healing and she picked up on something I didn’t know was wrong.
..believe me I knew a few hours later!!!! I couldn’t wait to tell her and confirm she was 100% right!!! 
Beautiful treatment by a beautiful lady inside and out!
Thanku my lovely for everything ♥♥ ~ Tracey 

❥ I was unable to sleep..and am aware that at 2 am I was still awake with an alarm set for 4:40 am for your healing (scheduled for 5:00am).
Needless to say, after 2.5 hours sleep, I slept through the 4:40 alarm. At about 5:15, I became incredibly aware of a strong energetic force and was literally woken from a deep, deep sleep. 
I felt it coursing through my body, mostly around my chest. It moved like a vortex, circling and picking up debris ; I had the sensation of being decluttered, almost vacuumed clean. 2 hours on and I can still feel the energy. 
For only having had 2.5 hours sleep and getting ready to head off to work, with many new changes ahead of me, I feel incredibly alive, awake, aware and exhilarated about the future ahead. 
You mentioned El Morya having appeared and when I read his description that so resonates with me; oddly he also looks very similar to my last partner the ‘sadness’ of that separation, I have been moving over the past few weeks quite intensely. I am feeling very centred and aware that it was a gift from God that he was removed from my life, that my current situation has occurred and that your healing was divinely timed. 
I’ve tried to go back to remembering the ‘sadness’ but can’t access it….lol.. It’s like it NEVER existed…..least that’s what it feels like. 
Thank you my beautiful, beautiful friend. ♥ ♥ ♥ ~ Karnie

[ Karnie had asked for a Distance Healing without pointing out the area where she wanted the energy to focus on. So an energy scan was performed and it showed that on that particular time, we should focus on her chest, and especially on her right side which is related to her masculine energy. ]

❥ Christiana has one of the most powerful yet non-intrusive healing energy amongst a lot of healers I know. And not just her healing, I am often also astounded by her amazing intuitive powers .
Since getting the first healing session for myself, I have also scheduled healing sessions with Christiana for my husband as well. He was going through a very tough time and I thought that he could use some healing. Now this is a guy who normally shrugs off at the mere mention of alternate healing techniques. But he really felt the difference during the first session and actually asked to be provided a set of 5 healing sessions. And during the first session, Christiana had a vision of a dark man protecting my husband at soul level. By the description provided, I recognised him as the local deity from my husband’s hometown who my husband is deeply devoted to. She couldn’t have possibly known about it. This vision of hers made us feel so looked after and protected by the heavenly powers. 
When Christiana shared the concept of MDH, I jumped at the opportunity. During the session, I could feel buzzing in my root and sacral and crown chakra. And I could feel her energy through various parts of my body. After the healing, she confirmed that she had focused on these areas during my session. Also, she reportedly saw Goddess Tara during this healing session. Again, I was surprised since I had just begun the practice of Guru Yoga for Goddess Tara and through her intuitive gifts, Christiana could actually see her in my auric field. 
I schedule healing sessions with her on regular basis. I think I have come to love her gentle healing energy. I strongly recommend working with Christiana not only because she is a wonderful healer, but she is also a very compassionate, conscientious human being who will always act on what is good for all involved. May she continue to spread her light and use her gifts in the service of all concerned. 
Om Tatsat. xo ~ Megha Tara

❥ I have had the pleasure of receiving a long distance healing from Christiana.
Multidimensional healing method was definitely an experience I would recommend to others.
It was no surprise,that when we exchanged notes, the messages that Christiana relayed to me were amazingly accurate.
I am so grateful that my physical pain has been alleviated. The relief I felt was immediate and I continue to be absolutely in Awe.
Christiana is a sweet gentle soul, her energy is of Love & Light.
If you are reading this, you have come to the right place !
Thank you Christiana for sharing your beautiful healing energy.
God Bless you.. Love ~ Leonie

❥ My name is Kelly I’m 39, live on the Gold Coast Queensland in Australia. I suffer from lower back pain, sore hips & trouble with my stomach. I have had the lower back pain and sore hips for quite some time now. It doesn’t ease with walking either, some times gets worse. However I have received two sessions with Christiana and it’s the first time in a long time I have woken up with no pain in these areas. It was fantastic. The energy felt nice, warm, & comforting. It was like I had a big blanket over me. I could feel this beautiful energy working its magic through my body. I could also see beautiful coloured light. It all came together as a comfortable, relaxing, warming and very satisfying experience that I would recommend to anyone to experience.
A big massive thank you to Christiana for your time, energy & generosity. Greatly appreciated.
Love and light to all xo. ~ Kelly

❥ The session started with Christiana telling me to relax and that she would do healing from a distance. She told me how long to be still for and I set about relaxing for the set amount of time. I stayed very alert throughout but in a relaxed state. The only thing I felt was a little pressure on my stomach. We did have a conversation beforehand but I hadn’t given her any indication on anything I wanted to focus on. I was happy for her to lead the session.
Afterwards we talked about what I’d felt and what Christiana had done for me and how this might affect me later on. We talked about the energy and the chakras she had worked on and what this may be related to. I felt very relaxed and very clear-headed afterwards and spent some time mulling things over in my own mind which then led to journalling about something which had happened in my life that I thought I’d dealt with but came back up after my session. I felt much clearer and feel now that I have finally dealt with something which had happened in my past but was still affecting me.
Christiana has been wonderful throughout this whole process, checking in with me to see how I’ve been doing and talking with me about small things I’ve discovered. The whole process has left me feeling much freer and that I’m moving forward with my life and I would definitely recommend Christiana and her energy work. ~ Mel